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Calderon would have preferred a reduced role with the Knicks

In an atypical change to the common story lines of the NBA, Jose Calderon recently mentioned in an interview that he “would’ve been the backup point guard” in New York if they had someone like Derrick Rose earlier in his time there.

Overall, Calderon’s general skill-level and effectiveness have decreased significantly in recent years, which is why he would’ve been understanding being put into a less significant role. Moreover, being that he is 34 years old, and a 12-year NBA veteran, it is easy to see why he would’ve been satisfied with a lesser role on the team. As a matter of fact, of the 114 games that Calderon played for the Knicks, he started all of them, managing to win only 49 games in two years. However, since the Knicks had no other options at point guard, Calderon was forced to assume the leadership of the team.

Around the league, we still see veteran point guards playing, although rarely do they have a starting role. Guys like Steve Blake, who was the first point guard off the bench for the Pistons last season, or Jason Terry, who played a very shortened amount of time for the Rockets last year, are in the kind of situations that Calderon would prefer.

Having been traded to the Lakers, where D’Angelo Russell is expected to be a rising star, Calderon is hoping for a reduced role that does not require him to play 30-minutes every night like he has for a while. With his goal being to play in the NBA for 3 more years, he is happy with where he is and what will be expected of him as he moves forward.

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