Cam Newton could be an intriguing trade option for the Chicago Bears
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Cam Newton could be an intriguing trade option for the Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears have been one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments to date. They made their way to a wild card berth last year before the infamous ‘Double-Doink’ knocked Matt Nagy and Co. out of the playoffs.

Heading into 2019, expectations were an NFC North title, at the very least. As of now, the Bears are third in their division, with huge problems that prevent them from even looking towards the playoffs. Chief among these problems is the offense.

Former second overall pick Mitchell Trubisky has struggled all year, playing what amounts to awful football. Chicago has to realize that they’re squandering a terrific defense, and the Super Bowl window that the defense provides them won’t last forever. That fact could lead to some pretty drastic measures, and none would be more drastic than the Bears orchestrating a trade for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

This article isn’t to say that this trade will happen (it’s extremely unlikely) but rather that it would make Chicago one of the most interesting, potential-filled teams in the league.

Everyone knows that an NFL team goes as their quarterback goes. Trubisky has been downright bad, and the Bears have only been staying alive because of their generational defense. They currently rank fifth in points allowed and tenth in yardage allowed. That’s all great, but they’re losing games because their quarterback has struggled to get them into the end zone.

Trubisky is currently sporting a 64 percent completion percentage, with 839 yards passing, five scores, and two picks. If you just look at the stats, they don’t look too terrible. He’s controlling the football and not turning it over too much. What this amounts to is the dreaded game manager label.

Simply put, Trubisky doesn’t threaten defenses in any way and struggles to read coverages. At times, he still looks like a fearful rookie desperately trying to decipher an oncoming blitz. This is his third year in the NFL, and his learning curve is becoming increasingly more difficult to stomach.

This is where Cam Newton comes in. He’s a decorated NFL veteran who’s football IQ is significantly higher than Trubisky’s. Coach Matt Nagy would finally have a quarterback who’s able to make the necessary reads in his complicated offense.

Providing Newton with Chicago’s stable of weapons could be a deadly combination, as he’ll be able to make accurate, tight-window passes that Trubisky cannot. He would immediately help both sides of the ball.

Unfortunately for the Bears, a trade for Newton likely isn’t feasible. He’ll probably get the starting job with the Panthers back once he returns from injury, making it unlikely that he’d be traded.