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Cardinals’ Chandler Jones speaks out on how he’s approaching coronavirus situation

Chandler Jones, Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals All-Pro Chandler Jones is taking the coronavirus situation very seriously. In fact, he’s limiting his contact with others. Peter King of NBC Sports Football Morning in America caught up with Jones, who said he loves to have other teammates and friends over to watch movies and workout. But when others have reached him to try to work out the last couple of weeks, he has turned them down.

“My friends are home too. They have asked me, ‘Hey, can I come use your gym?’ I tell them no. Nobody can come over. I’m not being paranoid about this. I’m being cautious. My house is off-limits.”

J0nes said to pass the time he has been watching some movies that creep him out. And when he does have to go out, he is taking all the extra precautions.

Jones said he has been watching movies that creep him out. To each his own. He’s watched “Contagion” and “Pandemic” in his in-home theater. Alone. (Why not just turn on the TV and watch news?) He’s not sure how they got there, but he has a box of protective gloves and a box of masks, and he wears them when he has to go to the grocery store. He’s not alone.

He also said most importantly he is trying to take this one day at a time and he is hoping for the best for this situation.

“Life now is really about living a day at a time,” Jones said, “and hoping for the best.”

It seems at this team of crisis, it’s all anyone can really do, take this matter seriously and one day at a time.