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Cardinals’ David Johnson thinks people underestimate Kyler Murray’s throwing ability

Kyler Murray David Johnson

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson thinks people underestimate the throwing prowess of rookie quarterback Kyler Murray.

This was what David Johnson told Mad Dog Sports Radio (via Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper) on June 12.

People are really underestimating his ability to throw. Coming into the draft, just hearing about him, a lot of people were talking about his scrambling but no one was really talking about his throwing.

He can throw dimes and he can throw the ball down the field, he’s been throwing it deep to Christian [Kirk] and those guys in the OTAs.

Johnson said the week before it has been “funny watching” the Cardinals’ defense respond to Murray’s scrambling prowess, per Alper.

In particular, Arizona outside linebacker Chandler Jones told Pro Football Talk that Kyler Murray will be “scary” for opposing defenses. He even compared Murray to the Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson. If the defense goes all out to stop the run, Murray will the other team pay with his passing abilities.

This shouldn’t surprise anybody. Kyler Murray is a two-sport star. Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics made him the ninth overall pick of the 2018 MLB Draft. For all intents and purposes, he has an excellent throwing arm.

Jones’ prediction of Murray should come true in the 2019 NFL season. He will prove to everyone why he was the first overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. He should help the Arizona Cardinals make strides this season.