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Cardinals QB Josh Rosen continues to put pressure on Sam Bradford for starting job

Sam Bradford, Cardinals, Josh Rosen
Much like his veteran counterpart, Rosen was widely considered the purest passer in the 2018 NFL Draft. However, lingering concerns about his character ultimately resulted in him falling to Arizona with the 10th overall pick.
Fortunately, he has managed to address concerns about his character by becoming extremely likable to his new teammates right off the bat. Among the first players he got in touch with was Bradford. The veteran let him know that he would be helping with his progression at every step of the way. However, he may want let up on the advice if he intends on securing his job this offseason.
It is clear that Arizona is in no rush to get Rosen on the field before he is ready. His status as a rookie trying to get acclimated to the next level is sure to take some more time. However, him starting at some point this season is not too far-fetched given Bradford’s track record with injuries.