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Cardinals’ Josh Rosen has the tools to be successful says QB coach Tom Clements

Tom Clements, the quarterback coach of the Arizona Cardinals, is a fan of Josh Rosen. That is a good start under the new regime.

The Cardinals drafted UCLA product Rosen 10th overall in the 2018 NFL Draft with the hopes he could turn into something special, per the Cardinals website. Clements believes that to be the case as Arizona gets set to enter the Kliff Kingsbury era.

“(Rosen) has all the tools. He can make all the throws. You give him a clean pocket, he can make the throws,” Clements said.

Being able to make throws is a positive for any quarterback, but for one in a Kingsbury system, it is like a winning lottery ticket. The new offense in the desert will throw the football heavily, creating ample opportunity for Rosen to succeed.

Clements knows a thing or two about quarterbacks with a future. He has the luxury of putting a young Aaron Rodgers on his resume.

“Aaron kind of grew up with me,” Clements said.

After a two-year hiatus from coaching, Clements is returning to the game. He can bring a lot of experience to a young quarterback and a franchise hoping to turn things around.

That is good news for the Cardinals and for Rosen. It will take a coach who has an understanding of how to mold Rosen and his tools in a successful NFL product. Between Kingsbury and Clements, Arizona has two of them.

Rosen will be hoping to have a much better season than his rookie year where he posted a 66.7 passer rating with a TD/INT ratio of 11/14.