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Cardinals rookie Kyler Murray not concerned despite ‘frustrating’ preseason performance

Kyler Murray

Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Kyler Murray struggled last Thursday night against the Oakland Raiders, but he isn’t concerned. He completed only 3-of-8 passes for 12 yards, took a safety and was called for three penalties and heard a lot of criticism.

Murray has tried to keep it all in perspective and wanted to remind everyone that this is only a preseason game.

“It gets frustrating when there might not be anything open and we go out there and look how we looked last week, and people are talking about you,” Murray said via the Cardinals team website. “But you’ve also got to understand, like I’ve said, that it’s preseason, and we were running like literally six or seven plays. There is nothing to be too negative about because we know what’s really going on.”

Kliff Kingsbury still has a lot of faith in his quarterback and knows he will bounce back but also thinks that facing the adversity early will help him.

“He’s had a ton of success, but this is a humbling sport and a humbling game,” Kingsbury said. “You’re going to go through some ups and downs. Everybody does and everybody has. He understands that. He has a good feel for who he is trying to be as a player and as a leader and the face of this franchise.”

The Cardinals play the Minnesota Vikings in their third preseason game, and there are going to be a lot of eyes tuned in to see he performs against their defense. There has been no announcement on how long they expect him to play, but usually, in the third preseason game, the starters get some extended run.