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Cardinals’ Kyler Murray’s shocking admission over ‘Baby Yoda’ TD celebration

Kyler Murray, Baby Yoda, Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray had a shocking admission after pulling out the ‘Baby Yoda’ celebration on Sunday after scoring a TD against the Minnesota Vikings. The former Offensive ROTY channeled the Star Wars guru after an impressive rushing TD in the second quarter to give the Cardinals the lead.

Here’s a closer look at Murray find some inner peace at the end zone (via Cardinals):

But, contrary to what most of us may have thought, the 24-year-old laughingly admitted after the game that he has no idea what everyone was talking about. According to the Cardinals’ Darren Urban, the Pro Bowler was not mimicking ‘Baby Yoda’ in his celebration and what’s even more surprising was this shocking revelation:

“I’ve never seen Star Wars.” Murray said.

The whole ‘Baby Yoda’ bit started a few days ago when the young QB was exchanging jabs with teammate Chandler Jones. Murray went on the record in praising his teammate’s unique talents while managing to throw some shade on his physique. Jones, obviously, wasn’t letting Murray get away with it as the LB ended up trolling Murray and his hair as he fired back on his Twitter account:


Cardinals fans are definitely loving what they’re seeing from their squad. The chemistry between the team seems to be at an all-time high and this is translating to some huge Ws as the franchise is off to a red-hot start in the 2021 NFL season with their signal-caller leading the way.

Keep doing you, ‘Baby Yoda’.