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Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald says Kliff Kingsbury is a ‘hell of a coach,’ still unsure of return

Larry Fitzgerald Kliff Kingsbury

The future of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is in question, as no one—not even Fitzgerald himself—knows if the legend will return for another season in 2019.

However, Fitzgerald is impressed with the Cardinals’ recent hire of head coach Kliff Kingsbury:

“Hell of a coach,” said Fitzgerald, according to TMZ Sports. “Look at his resume. He’s innovative offensively. That’s somebody with a future right now. So, I’m excited for the chance to meet him.”

But will the addition of Kingsbury be enough to convince Fitzgerald to come back?

The 35-year-old said that he is still taking time to figure things out, but that he has exchanged text messages with Kingsbury.

The fact that Fitzgerald is still unsure of his future could very well mean that he is going to return next season. It’s obvious that Fitzgerald still has some desire in him to play, or else he would have announced his retirement already.

Of course, the offseason is still very young for Fitzgerald, as the conference championship games are yet to even get underway, so it is also entirely possible his merely waiting until all of the football games are over before he really sits down and mulls his decision.

Fitzgerald remains a productive wide out, as he hauled in 69 receptions for 734 yards and six touchdowns this season. Keep in mind that Fitzgerald also did that with a very young, very raw Josh Rosen at quarterback, so who knows? Maybe Fitz still has a 1,000-yard campaign in him. He did just rack up 1,156 yards in 2017, after all.