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Cardinals make $1 million donation to Arizona coronavirus relief fund


We have seen quite a few people and organizations donate towards efforts helping to fight the coronavirus or give relief to those that are struggling in this time.

Now, it looks like we can add the Arizona Cardinals and their chairman and president, Michael Bidwell, to that list.

They took to Twitter to announce that they will be donating $1 million to the Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The Cardinals made headlines not long ago by acquiring superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. That has dominated any news surrounding the organization for the last few days.

However, now they are making headlines again, this time for an even better reason, as they are looking to help those in need.

This is certainly a strange time that has led to a lot of people coming together and trying to help those that have been most afflicted by the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s certainly a positive to see large organizations like this use some of their resources to do just that.

The Cardinals are joining a long list of athletes, celebrities and organizations to find a way to donate or help during the pandemic. And don’t expect them to be the last either.

Still, it will not get old to hear these organizations doing anything they can to help everyone out a little bit.

Often fans tend to demonize the owners of teams. They are blamed for any poor moves the teams make, and are often seen as uncaring.

However, this is the perfect time to remember that they are humans too. And during this terrible situation, they have been coming through to help with relief efforts to an increasing degree.

Cheers to this classy move by Mr. Bidwell and the Cardinals organization.