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Caron Butler drops epic tale about ‘blacking out’ with Kobe Bryant

Caron Butler, Kobe Bryant, Lakers

Throughout his playing career, Kobe Bryant never failed to amaze fans of the game of basketball. His relentless work ethic helped him mold himself into one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, and that work ethic ended up catching Caron Butler off guard when he decided to work out with Bryant.

Butler told the story of how he and Bryant decided to “black out” (which is what Bryant referred to his workouts as) shortly after he signed a massive contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Butler was taken aback by how intense the workout was, and then once he finished, found out he had inadvertently signed himself up to do the same exact thing later in the same day.

Butler was a solid player throughout his 14-year career, so it wasn’t as if he was a slacker that Bryant made a fool of. It’s just that Bryant was so much more dedicated to his craft than most NBA players, to the point where it caught Butler by surprise how much he was working out. But that’s just who Bryant was throughout his career with the Lakers.

Bryant’s mentality has largely become part of his long-lasting legacy, and each story told by fellow NBA players about Bryant’s work ethic only reinforces that. Bryant was willing to go to extreme lengths to make himself better than his opponent, and you can’t really argue with the results of his historic career. Caron Butler’s story is just another peak behind the curtain at the legend that Kobe Bryant is.