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Carson Wentz Should Be Jumping For Joy Over Nick Sirianni Hiring

The Philadelphia Eagles hired Nick Sirianni as their head coach. In turn, quarterback Carson Wentz should be the happiest person in Philadelphia.

On the daily Locked On Eagles podcast, Louie DiBiase and Gino Cammilleri talked about the potential impact the hiring of Nick Sirianni could have on Carson Wentz. There’s plenty good points to see made, as well as the idea of how this can flesh out other areas beyond the gunslinger position. Time, as it always does, will tell how it works out.

Biase: I almost equate this hire to a Matt LaFleur for the Packers. Not the first option or the flashiest name, but resume wise, acumen wise, how people talk about him, and how he has coached up those positions. They almost beat arguably the hottest team in football with the Bills, which they were close to doing, they had a solid defense and that offense cooked for most of the season with Philip Rivers in his last season and he was not up to snuff at all.

Imagine what Carson Wentz has to be thinking right now. He has to be the most relieved man in the city of Philadelphia right now. Frank Reich was instrumental in that entire period. If you have a guy that comes from that Frank Reich tree, all the reports were that they talked to Frank and spoke very highly of him and has groomed him and trying to grow each year. He has more responsibility and that is what you want from a guy or a coach or just as a human being. That is somebody that I want to go and talk football with and then go grab a beer at the bar. That is the type of individual that Nick Sirianni and that is how he is respected around the NFL.