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Cavaliers’ Kevin Love reacts to reports of 2020 Tokyo Olympics being postponed

Kevin Love, Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love shared his thoughts on reports that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed—likely to the summer of 2021—due to the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols on Monday, Love said he supported the decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The IOC decided to put off the Games considering the uncertainty of the coronavirus situation.

“I think it’s definitely responsible just knowing all the countries that participate. Just, that fear of the unknown. Getting out ahead of it is super smart. Because of that unknown of what the world is going to look like, and what travel is going to look like. And what the economy is going to look like. And what sports are to look like,” Love said. “It’s hard to say what the world is going to look like and what COVID-19 will look like in July and moving forward.”

The International Olympic Committee’s belated announcement couldn’t have come as a shock to anyone. They initially refused to acknowledge that the coronavirus crisis was affecting the possibility of the Games taking place. After assessing the predicament, the IOC faced the reality of the situation. On Sunday, the IOC said it would take four weeks before making a decision on the Game. But Canada’s announcement that they would not be sending athletes was the first nail in the coffin.

Love said looks forward “to either participating or rooting for the USA” when the Tokyo Games do eventually take place.