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Brad Stevens, Celtics

Celtics must fire Brad Stevens to save their season

It has been a rollercoaster season for the Boston Celtics. Combined with injuries, safety protocols, and bad rotations, the team has not had the opportunity to make a run in the Eastern Conference. Head coach Brad Stevens is currently on the hot seat for Boston’s struggles. The more his team struggles, the bigger chance Stevens is replaced as the head coach.

For the most part. Stevens has done a terrific job of developing the Celtics into real contenders again. The pressure was on him to change the dynamic of the organization after Boston’s big three eras. In Stevens’ eight seasons as the Celtics’ head coach, he has had a 333-263 record along with three Eastern Conference Finals appearances. The question has recently been what’s next for Stevens as the leader on the sidelines? Is he the key to help Boston win a championship? So far this season, it has not looked that way.

The Celtics are certainly dealing with injuries. The problem is that Stevens seems to cannot motivate his players to play well. Watching the Celtics on the floor, the team hasn’t been on the same page on both ends. The chemistry issues have been on Stevens due to not making sure that his players are locked in. The terrible play on the floor has also poured into the locker room as well, where Stevens doesn’t seem to have control either.

The Celtics should potentially look into firing Brad Stevens and bring in a new head coach. As a historic organization, it’s only so long where a team can wait on a coach to deliver a championship before it’s too late. Stevens has seemed to hit that stride recently. As Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown continue to evolve as franchise players, having the right coach to take them to the NBA Finals is necessary. Unfortunately, Stevens has failed to make one Finals appearance in his eight seasons. As the Celtics have teams like Brooklyn and others in their way, their chances to make it out of the East is slim to none at this point.

The next head coach who comes in for the Celtics must understand the importance of this team’s valued players. Utilizing role players around stars is one of the important factors to becoming successful. Players in Robert Williams, Payton Pritchard, and others can contribute in a huge way for Boston when given the opportunity. As the second half of the NBA season is underway, the role players should be used to a higher extent to help the Celtics return to the winning column. It is more likely impossible for Boston to land a top seed with the way they have struggled. But there’s still a chance that the team can finish the season with momentum in their favor.

Both Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge seem to have a great working relationship. But as Ainge is known to be, he shows no fear in making business decisions that will benefit the franchise. Brad Stevens’ tenure in Boston should come to an end. As the Celtics’ two stars continue to grow and mature, Boston’s front office should find a coach who understands what it takes to lead a team to an NBA championship