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Celtics coach Brad Stevens admits he follows Pacers closely because his friends do

Brad Stevens, Celtics, Pacers

Boston Celtics head coach and Zionsville, Indiana native Brad Stevens has admitted that he closely follows the Indiana Pacers. The 42-year-old coach explained that more than anything, the primary reason why he does so is simply because his hometown buddies do the same:

“I follow the Pacers as close as I follow any team in the league because my friends do,” said Stevens, via Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports. “They’ll all be rooting against us, so they’re real good friends. I really appreciate them all.”

Stevens was born and raised in Indiana and was a die-hard Pacers supporter growing up. As a matter of fact, he even wore the No. 31 jersey in high school in honor of Pacers great Reggie Miller.

Stevens went on to say that this present Pacers side is truly special, and that he completely understands and appreciates why the entire city — and the rest of the NBA as well, for that matter — has embraced this current squad:

“This is a team that Indiana would love,” added Stevens. “That’s what I appreciate about them.”

As things stand, Brad Stevens’ Celtics will be facing the Pacers in the first round of the playoffs. Indiana is currently occupying the fourth spot in the East, with Boston just one game behind in fifth. Home-court advantage will definitely be a factor, so both teams will be doing everything in their power to ensure that they enter the first-round matchup with that added advantage.