Celtics news: Enes Kanter hints at superstar who's leery of returning
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Enes Kanter hints at All-Star on East playoff team who’s leery of returning to play

Celtics, Enes Kanter

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter is forever in the news. We’ll get to that in a second. First…

The NBA is attempting to make its way back for the 2019-20 campaign, with July 31 being named as the target return date on Friday. However, not every player may be so eager to return.

Boston Celtics big man Enes Kanter said that while he and his Celtics teammates are looking forward to getting back on the floor, he mentions a friend on another team that is not exactly excited to play basketball right now:

“This is my ninth year in the league, I have so many friends on different teams, right?” Kanter said on his podcast, via NBC Sports Boston. “I was actually talking to one of my friends and he said — I’m not going to tell who or which team — but he said, ‘There’s so many guys on our team, they’re not going to play.’ They’re actually in the Eastern Conference, they’re in a playoff spot, and they’re like superstars. Like, if I tell you who it is, you’d go crazy.”

Kanter added that he was very surprised by some of the names who want to hold out:

“I was shocked, though, by the players that didn’t want to play,” said Kanter. “If they don’t play, like, wow, those people are like All-Star players.”

While the league is doing everything within is power to resume the season, the format that it intends to implement remains unknown. It was reported earlier on Friday that the NBA was examining a number of options, which included going straight into the playoffs with 16 teams, bringing back all 30 teams for a shortened regular season and a play-in tournament and throwing 20 teams into the mix for group stage play.

Whatever the case may be, regardless if you believe the Celtics big or not, there are apparently some players who would prefer not to play at all. At least right now.