Celtics news: Jaylen Brown will remain on minutes-limit in Game 5 vs. Sixers
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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown will remain on minutes-limit in Game 5 vs. Sixers

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics is very important to the team. While he’s only in his second year in the NBA, he has already proven that he can play at a high level and be a more than reliable rotation player.

When Brown got hurt during the playoffs, it was a big blow to the Celtics. They had to play a few games without him, which somewhat augmented their rotation and forced the Celtics to find other answers. But still, Boston prevailed.

Brown came back recently, and played very well, helping the Celtics to a 3-1 lead over the Philadelphia 76ers. He has been on a minutes restriction to be safe, but it appears he’s almost back to his old self, per Jay King of The Athletic.

A minutes restriction doesn’t normally last very long, and for Brown it could make sense to have it for the remainder of the second round. But the fact that Brown is getting better with each passing day is a good sign for the Celtics.

Brown is averaging 16.2 points in the playoffs this year, up more than 11 points compared to last year, per NBA.com. He’s shooting nearly 40 percent from the 3-point line and playing over 30 minutes a game.

Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers are resting until the conference finals, the Celtics need to dispatch the 76ers quickly. They’ll need Brown to get fully healthy because he is one of the main players that will have to defend LeBron James for long stretches.

But before then, Brown’s minutes will be limited, and that’s the best thing for him and the Celtics.