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Jayson Tatum’s stern message to Celtics after 21-point blowout vs. Suns

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The Boston Celtics took one to the chin against the Phoenix Suns in a 111-90 loss that never got close late. Jayson Tatum was vocal after the game in demanding that the entire team be better, including himself.

The Suns were playing without both Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker, but still raced to a 24-point lead in the second quarter that they never relinquished. After the game, Tatum urged his Celtics teammates to look inward at what each can do better.

Via Mass Live:

“I think everybody just needs to be a little bit better. Obviously, we have to work together, but everybody needs to look in the mirror and do a little bit more and just be a little bit better. That would benefit everybody,” said Tatum, who led the Celtics with 24 points to go with seven rebounds. “We have to be mature enough as a group to say whatever happened, happened, let’s move on.”

Boston was without Jaylen Brown for the fifth straight game due to a lingering hamstring injury. But Jayson Tatum and Co. aren’t taking the loss any easier just because their co-star is out.

“It’s tough losing three in a row, especially in the fashion that we did. But we can’t change it,” he continued. “We have to get back home. We’ll be home for a little while. We have to get back in front of our fans and take it one game at a time.”

The slate doesn’t get any easier for the Celtics, as they go through a gauntlet of playoff teams and contenders throughout the month of December, which ends with a rematch against the very same Suns. Where they’ll be record-wise between then and now is anybody’s guess.