Celtics news: Kemba Walker's strong message to Boston fans about hatred for Nets' Kyrie Irving
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Kemba Walker’s strong message to Celtics fans about hatred for Nets’ Kyrie Irving

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The Boston Celtics replaced Kyrie Irving with Kemba Walker, who is loved in Boston already since he seems to be the anti-Irving type.

Walker, who is good friends with Irving, is hoping Celtics fans will move on from their hatred of Irving since he’s on the Brooklyn Nets now:

Flyers of Irving with the word “coward” on them were put up on Wednesday when the Nets took on the Celtics in Boston. Irving didn’t play due to his shoulder injury. Some in Boston believe Irving was avoiding the game on purpose so he didn’t have to deal with the Celtics crowd, who would have booed Irving all night.

The 2018-19 Celtics were supposed to win the Eastern Conference. Boston, though, was a dysfunctional team on the court and never lived up to expectations. Irving got a lot of the blame from the media and fans. The team lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the 2019 playoffs in five games.

Irving told Boston fans he was planning to re-sign with the Celtics before the 2018-19 season started. Instead, Uncle Drew signed a four-year deal with the Nets, the team he grew up rooting for while living in New Jersey as a kid. Celtics president Danny Ainge has been on record saying the chemistry in 2018-19 just wasn’t good and blaming Irving for all of the team’s issues isn’t the right thing to do.

However, that’s not going to stop the fans in Boston from hating Irving, and Walker’s latest comments probably won’t either.