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Celtics’ Kyrie Irving refuses to ‘be the headline,’ avoids question regarding Warriors

Kyrie Irving, Celtics, Warriors

Kyrie Irving was back at it again, motioning for his “I didn’t ask for fame” tour, now even detaching from answering regular post-game questions after the Boston Celtics snapped a four-game skid by trumping the Golden State Warriors 128-95.

Asked what was different for the Warriors between this year and the last, Irving pleads the fifth and chose not to answer.

“I won’t be a headline,” said Irving. “I’m good. I’m good. Next question. No offense. I respect them, but I’ve been playing this for a long time. I’m good.”

Irving has been plenty overwhelmed by the media’s insistence of knowing where he will land next summer after taking his commitment to Boston back recently and in a harsh way.

Yet his claim that he is no longer interested in fame while delivering headline-worthy comments like “I don’t owe anyone sh*t” and “I just wanna play basketball” while wearing a hat with his own movie character in it, dropping different colorway sneakers every other week and showing up to the arena in one colorful outfit after another — those don’t seem like the best ways for someone who wants to blend in.

Irving is getting a small taste of what LeBron James has dealt with for most of his career and the sour taste of it has scared him into this somber character that no longer wants to make any statements, even if they are game-related.

The Celtics point guard had otherwise a brilliant outing with 19 points and 11 assists, putting the defending champions away by the end of the third quarter.