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Celtics’ Marcus Morris says poor shooting was due to longing for his son

Marcus Morris, Celtics

Marcus Morris of the Boston Celtics believes his poor shooting is due to the longing he has for his son. It’s a legitimate reason. Given an arduous NBA schedule filled with long road trips, NBA players don’t get to see their families often.

Per Tom Westerholm of MassLive, Marcus Morris admits that blaming his struggles on his paternal feelings is a bit hilarious. Most players blame shooting woes on their mechanics or not getting enough practice. Players will immediately refer to the things they are doing in the gym or on the court as the sources of their problems. Morris believes there’s another reason.

“I started blaming all my missed shots on not seeing my son,” Morris said, smiling a little. “It’s kind of funny.”

He shared that whenever he’s having a difficult first half, visiting his son in the tunnel clears his mind. He suddenly sees the light of day.

“If I’m having a rough first half and mentally I’m in my own head, seeing him, it clears it up for me,” Morris said. “It’s like, ‘Oh man, all right. Whatever it was, whatever I did, it’s not that bad.’ He definitely helps me clear my mind.”

Being without family members, especially young children, is one of the many struggles NBA players face during the season. Of course, they’re blessed that they’re playing the game they love and getting paid a hefty sum for it. But for Marcus Morris, as well as the majority of NBA players, being away from their sons, daughters, a wife, and a family is always a challenge.