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The best reactions to Jayson Tatum’s tattoo typo

Celtics, Jayson Tatum

Boston Celtics small forward Jayson Tatum hasn’t done much wrong this season.

The talented small forward made his first All-Star team and is starting to turn into a superstar scorer for the Celtics right in front of our eyes.

Before being drafted by the Celtics, Tatum played one season at Duke, one of the best educational schools in the country. However, it appears Tatum wasn’t paying attention in English class, as he recently got a tattoo on his back which reads, “Gods will.”

The phrase is missing the apostrophe after “d” and the fine folks of Twitter — as they usually do — weren’t afraid to point out the Celtics star’s mistake:

You have to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time. Tatum should probably get this mistake fixed ASAP.

Tatum has appeared in 52 games for the Celtics this season. He’s averaging 22.9 points, 7.0 rebounds and 2.9 assists while shooting 44.5 percent from the field, 38.6 percent from beyond the arc and 82.2 percent from the free-throw line.

The Celtics are 39-17 on the season. They are in third place in the Eastern Conference standings. Boston is coming off a tough road loss to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics are back in action on Tuesday when they take on the Portland Trail Blazers, who are still playing without superstar point guard Damian Lillard.