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Video: Kyrie Irving gave game-worn shoes to Celtics fan after visit to Hornets

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has a new team and a new number this season. But does the new Boston Celtics point guard also have a new gimmick?

At the end of the Celtics’ 108-100 preseason win at the Charlotte Hornets’ hive, Irving proceeded to give his game-worn sneakers to a fan wearing his Celtics jersey.

Kyrie Irving quite literally took the shoes off his feet immediately after the game ended and jogged toward the lucky fan, who even got to dap up the Celtics star.

This isn’t the first time Irving has made this gesture this preseason. He also gave a young fan wearing his old Cleveland Cavaliers jersey his game-worn kicks complete with an autograph.

So, does Kyrie Irving plan on making this sneaker giveaway to fans wearing his jersey his new postgame ritual or is it more of a preseason thing? And does he intend on doing it in the Celtics’ first regular season game against the Cavs at Cleveland, where people won’t be so keen on seeing him?

We’ll know the answers to those questions soon enough, but until then, anyone going to a Celtics game in the near future might as well wear an Irving jersey just in case.