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Chargers DE Joey Bosa sets astonishing record

joey bosa

Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa has been very good since entering the National Football League. So good, in fact, he isn’t only leaving a destruction of quarterbacks in his wake. He’s also smashing some records.

According to the Chargers, by way of a Tweet, the former Ohio State star and No. 3 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft set a new NFL mark for most sacks in a player’s first 20 career games.

Oddly enough, it happened when he took down New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the second quarter Sunday. It was the 19th sack of Bosa’s career.

For other context to appreciate how insane Joey Bosa has been, take a gander at this information:

Bosa, alongside veteran Melvin Ingram, are either currently or quickly becoming the best pass-rushing tandem in the entire National Football League. That might seem like a silly thing to say given Los Angles plays in the AFC West with known QB-killers the Denver Broncos, but numbers back up that idea.

Through eight games, the two edge rushers have combined for 17 sacks. Let that sink in, as it essentially means the two are on place to combine for 34 sacks on the season. Just the two of them. Some teams — ENTIRE TEAMS — will barely record 34 sacks.

Anyway, while the Chargers are not exactly winning a ton of games this season, they are competitive. It is a shame they play in as tough a division as they do, or they might be a playoff team. Trotting about the AFC West, however, and it is unlikely we will get to see Joey Bosa destroying QBs in the playoffs anytime soon.