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Chargers OT Russell Okung remains ‘skeptical’ about his future with Los Angeles


Russell Okung signed a pretty big contract with the Los Angeles Chargers back in 2017. That deal was for four years and worth $53 million.

Okung is now entering his final year of that deal, a year that will see him count towards $15,531,250 towards the salary cap for the Chargers. Despite the big numbers, it is still the final year of his contract. And Okung isn’t sure what his future holds in regards to Los Angeles.

Okung is simply unsure what direction the team is heading in and what their plans are for him.

This doesn’t sound like someone that doesn’t want to play for the Chargers. It sounds a lot more like someone that doesn’t know if the Chargers want him to play for them. That would make sense too. Los Angeles was considered one of the Super Bowl favorites heading into the 2019 season. Then they had a miserably disappointing year, not even making the playoffs.

Suddenly, they are in a weird spot. They could find a new quarterback and go all-in on a Super Bowl run again. Or they could decide to go full-on rebuild mode.

If the Chargers are going into rebuild mode, it’s unlikely they would want to pay Okung.

Okung is one of the better tackles in the NFL. He has two Pro Bowls under his belt (including one in 2017) and is usually extremely consistent in his play. However, so far in his three years with the Chargers, he has never appeared in all 16 games in a season. He played in 15 games in 2017, and 15 more in 2018. Then in 2019, he played in just six.

With a potential rebuild on the way, Los Angeles might not want to shell out the type of money Okung will want for a player with injury issues in the recent past.

However, if they have decided they want to keep pushing for a Super Bowl in the immediate future, maybe they look past those injuries and sign one of the better tackles in the game.

Whatever the decision, Okung is still under contract with the team through 2020. So there is a lot of time for the two sides to figure everything out.