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Chargers could be sending the message they don’t want Cam Newton

Cam Newton, Chargers

There has been plenty of speculation regarding the Los Angeles Chargers’ plans under center this offseason. Among the notable names they have been linked to is former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Rumors started to gain some steam after quarterback Tyrod Taylor posted a picture of him and Newton working out together. However, Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd has indicated that the Chargers are not looking for two quarterbacks that boast a similar track record:

“Cam and Tyrod are the same guy. . . . The gap between the two is tiny, and if coachability and health matters, I can say Tyrod Taylor gets the edge.”

There is no question that both players have enjoyed entirely different careers up to this point. Newton is a former NFL MVP that led his team to a Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Taylor had established himself as a potential starter before becoming a bit of a journeyman in recent years. The Chargers have to weigh this.

The question now remains whether or not Newton is healthy. Not only would he provide the bigger spark under center, but his arrival as a household name would certainly help generate some hype for the opening of SoFi stadium in the 2020 NFL season. Of course, this still carries some risk given his struggles with injuries in recent years and the Chargers may be looking to play it safe with Taylor instead.

The Chargers dispelled any notion of a rebuild making some notable additions in free agency. Regardless, there will continue to be speculation about Taylor being the right man for the job.

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