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Video: Charles Barkley hilariously tries to do simple math in his head

Usually entertaining more for his mistakes than his jokes, TNT analyst Charles Barkely had another classic hilarious moment on Inside the NBA on Wednesday.

While talking about the first-round matchup between the Hawks and Wizards, Barkley was trying to figure out how Atlanta could actually beat Washington. So he decided to some math, guessing how many points Dennis Schroder and Paul Millsap needed to score to help the Hawks win.

Barkley did this out loud but while doing the math in his head, he had to double check with the rest of the Inside the NBA crew if he had correctly added up 20+20.

Oh Chuck.

Ernie Johnson’s response – “He’s into the lighting round!” – is hilarious and really the only appropriate reaction to Barkley’s math knowledge.

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