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Charles Barkley’s March Madness bracket is a catastrophe

The month of March is a very exciting one for basketball fans, as the best teams in college basketball compete in the NCAA Tournament. Fans, not only in the country, look forward to it, as it has also been a tradition for them to come up with their own brackets, to try and predict the results of games, until only one team is left and crowned national champions.

Even NBA players of past and present, celebrities, and other popular personalities join in on the fun by coming up with their own brackets. One of them is Charles Barkley, whose bracket has turned out to be a catastrophe, with the teams he thought will advance already been eliminated — all of them.

Chuck’s bracket out here looking like the red wedding 😂 (via @marchmadness)

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It’s hard to blame Sir Charles for thinking that the higher seeded teams will move on to the deep waters of the tournament, but that has not been the case so far, as a number of upsets have already been made. It also goes to show that the level of competition in the NCAA is very high, making it very difficult to predict results, especially with how teams prepare against their opponents. Take for example the historic upset by UMBC over Virginia a few days ago — an absolute bracket buster.

With Sir Charles being known for his propensity to make bets, it won’t come as a surprise if his erstwhile-safe bracket comes with some financial hit.

Come to think of it, given the upsets that have happened these days, there might not be one surviving bracket. So Barkley isn’t alone in his plight. Regardless if he failed badly, his misery still has company.