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Charles Barkley’s lost wallet in Chipotle wins man free burritos for year

Charles Barkley wallet Chipotle

Charles Barkley usually gets clowned by his co-hosts for eating a bit too much. But this time, the Hall-of-Famer indirectly got a man a ton of calories coming his way.

Barkley admitted to losing his wallet in a Chipotle restaurant and revealed that the person who found it contacted the show to return it. The Chuckster went live on the air to thank the man who did it – a man named Matt Pyles.

Ernie even gave Chuck some grief for still using a wallet in the first place. But nevertheless, Charles Barkley made sure the man got the recognition he deserved.

“Can I give a shout-out? It’s important,” Barkley said, “I wanna give a shout-out to a cat, he’s a Georgia Bulldog, his name is Matt Pyles. I hope I’m pronouncing his name correctly. I lost my wallet today, Ernie. And Matt Pyles — P-Y-L-E-S, I hope I’m saying his name right — he returned it. He got in touch with TNT and he gave me my wallet back. And that was really awesome. I lost it at Chipotle, and I didn’t even know it.”

Charles Barkley’s on-air message apparently reached Chipotle’s marketing team. They immediately went out to search for Mr. Pyles, offering him free burritos for an entire year.

It goes to show that it pays to do the right thing sometimes. Especially when that thing is for an NBA legend like Charles Barkley.