Chiefs news: Andy Reid sees Brett Favre in Patrick Mahomes
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Chiefs HC Andy Reid sees some Brett Favre in Patrick Mahomes’ game

Andy Reid

Former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali gave quarterback Patrick Mahomes some high praise when he compared the team’s new starting quarterback to Hall of Famer Brett Favre. But apparently, Hali isn’t the only one in Kansas City who feels that way.

According to Bucky Brooks of, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid also sees a lot of Favre’s defining qualities in Mahomes.

“[Reid] absolutely believed Mahomes had some Favre in his game. We constantly heard the comparisons, especially his ability to improvise and extend plays. He raved about his gunslinger mentality and big arm, and how he could fit the ball into tight windows. Reid wasn’t bothered at all by the crazy throws that Mahomes would make into traffic. All of it reminded him of Favre.”

The fact that Reid is really high on Mahomes despite his lack of any track record shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, the Chiefs did trade up in last year’s draft to take the young QB at No. 10 and traded away veteran Alex Smith to pave the way for Mahomes to grab the reins.

Obviously, it’s too early to proclaim that Mahomes will end up being anywhere near as good as the legendary Favre. But if there’s anyone who’s the best qualified to make the Mahomes-Favre comparison, it’s the man who’s coached them both: Reid.

Reid was a big factor in Favre living up to his full potential when they worked together in Green Bay, and Mahomes has a similarly strong chance of benefitting from Reid’s tutelage in Kansas City.