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Chiefs coach Andy Reid shares message to team after loss to Patriots

Andy Reid, Chiefs

After a slow start to the game, it looked like the Kansas City Chiefs could use a big second-half comeback to advance to the Super Bowl but they fell just short, and Andy Reid wants the team to remember the loss, so they can work harder to not have it happen again.

Even with the loss, Reid thinks the future is bright for the team, and the only place to go from here is up.

“A little bit of what I just mentioned here,” Reid said via Pro Football Talk. “Just that it’s going to hurt, which I can obviously see. That’s important. That’s how you get better. This team has done that throughout the season. When the chips were down we fought back, and did a little bit in this game here, but we came up a little short. We will let it drive us through the offseason. Have this feeling, that hurt, and let that carry you through so you don’t experience it again.”

There is no question the future is bright for this team and it all starts with Patrick Mahomes. The defense wasn’t great this year but Mahomes was still able to lead the team to the AFC Championship game.

The big thing for the Chiefs to do this offseason is work on improving that defense.

The offense is going to be good next year led by Mahomes and if the defense can just get a little better, there is no doubt the team will come back even better.