Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is very happy about how Chad Henne handled himself going into the AFC Divisional game following Patrick Mahomes' concussion.

Following the Chiefs 22-17 win over the Cleveland Browns, Reid praised Henne's performance, focusing on two big plays late in the game.

“When you’re around him, you just know,” Reid said about the Chiefs' backup quarterback, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “Everybody has full confidence in him. I think we’ll all remember the run, that dive, and then the throw.”

The run and dive he refers to a scramble on 3rd and 14 during the final drive, rushing 13 yards before diving at the first down marker, finishing just shy of the first down for the Chiefs. The throw refers to a five-yard pass to Tyreek Hill on the next play on 4th and 1 to extend the drive and clinch the game.

All in all Henne threw for 66 yards and ran for 12 yards for the Chiefs.

Henne had to come into the game in the third quarter following Mahomes suffering a concussion. While Henne has the backing of the Chiefs if he has to step in next week as well, everyone is hoping for a speedy recovery for the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Reid didn't have a full report on Mahomes condition, but noted he is doing well.

“He's actually doing very well,” Reid said after the game. “We'll see how he is tomorrow, but right now, he's feeling pretty good.”

Concussion protocol will force the Chiefs to be patient with Mahomes, but if Reid's analysis of Mahomes condition is any indication, it is looking promising that he will be able to return for the AFC Championship Game against the Buffalo Bills.