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Chris Jones infers he won’t play unless there’s a new deal in place

Chris Jones, Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs standout defensive tackle Chris Jones hinted that he might not play the 2020 season if there isn’t a new deal in place. As the NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported on NFL Total Access, Jones believes he is worth $20 million a year, but the Chiefs haven’t offered him such a contract.

The Chiefs played the franchise tag on Jones back in March. Garafolo said he doesn’t believe a long-term deal is done unless that number is offered. That seems like the likely step, but Jones seems like he might take it a step forward. Jones tweeted that he wouldn’t play, conjuring LeVeon Bell’s name in the process.

Bell held out an entire season after a franchise tag was placed on him before signing a long term deal the next season with the New York Jets. Jones is set to make $16.1 million if he plays under the franchise tag during the 2020 season, but that seems to be like a big if now.

Jones might get a little overshadowed with all the other playmakers on the Chiefs, but if he gets a long term deal at $20 million or more a year, people are going to start to notice.

One of the big things the Chiefs have to figure out in terms of a long term deal is how much money can they really afford to throw at him. Patrick Mahomes is going to need to get a long term extension and that is going to take up a big part of their salary cap. Could we have seen the end of Jones in a Chiefs jersey?