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Cris Carter says Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill is ‘just getting started’

As a rookie, Tyreek Hill quickly proved himself as one of the NFL’s most imminently-dangerous players no matter where he was on the field. In 2017, the former college running back made major progress as a wide receiver, flashing All-Pro potential as much more than just a hybrid playmaker. Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star lived up to the hype, leading the NFL in big-play catches and finishing top-four in receiving yards and touchdowns.

The worst part for the rest of the league? As Cris Carter explained on FOX Sports’ First Things First, Hill so clearly still has so much room left to grow.

“I’ve got bad news for the the NFL, man: Tyreek Hill is just getting started,” the Hall-of-Fame wideout said. “Last year was his first year as a full receiver running crossing routes, playing the slot, playing the ‘Z’ some, running reverses, like…The amount of responsibility he had as far as the  amount of offense he had to know, and now Andy Reid can grow that? Oh my goodness. Tyreek Hill, to me, he’s the most dangerous receiver in the NFL. Not the best, that’s Julio Jones, but the most dangerous because Andy Reid, Patty Mahomes, and the other people around it. I’m really excited to see where he takes his game in 2019.”

Hill had 87 catches, 1,479 yards, and 12 touchdowns last season, all career-highs.

Entering his second season with reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes as his team’s starting quarterback, Hill was always bound to be better in 2019. But considering his ongoing growth as an all-around receiver in Reid’s ballyhooed offensive system, it seems all the more possible Hill could take his game to a level few players in football are capable of reaching.