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Family members accuse Chiefs’ safety Tyrann Mathieu of making threats

Tyrann Mathieu

The exoneration case involving Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has taken another turn with his own family members accusing him of making threats. Geourvon Sears was initially accused of trying to exonerate money from Mathieu claiming he would go to the media with sexual assault allegations.

Now Sears and his brother George have turned the tables claiming that Mathieu put a hit out on Geourvon according to Travers Mackel of WDSU-TV. George Sears claims that Mathieu drove past their house over the weekend and Geourvon was afraid that Mathieu was going to hurt him. Their mother also testified that Mathieu made threats on social media against them.

That evidence wasn’t enough to keep Geourvon Sears from getting his bond revoked. He tested positive for marijuana, had tampered with his ankle bracelet, and also the threats against Mathieu were enough to put him back in jail.

Mathieu’s lawyers denied the allegations made against their client, claiming that once Mathieu stopped giving them money, they decided to take other means to try and get it.

“Mr. Mathieu contacted me at the direction of his rep, Denise White, to advise and assist him as he was being victimized by malevolent family members,” Mathieu’s Lawer said via Pro Football Talk. “Once Mr. Mathieu decided to stop assisting these individuals financially, they turned to harassment, slander and extortion in their quest to gain financially. Their slanderous comments are wholly without merit and were designed to be outrageous enough to secure their outrageous demand of $25 million. Mr. Mathieu is a victim of an unscrupulous shakedown. He is a victim of a crime which he reported to the authorities and the authorities took immediate action. He simply refused to compromise his integrity and cow tow to this criminal conduct.”