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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes’ agent has strong message ahead of extension talks

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes has quickly become one of the faces of the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs and everyone is curious to see what his next contract looks like. Matt Verderame of FanSided spoke to Mahomes’ agent, Leigh Steinberg, and he had a powerful message ahead of extension talks.

When speaking about Mahomes’ next contract, most people believe he will become the first quarterback to eclipse $40 million annually. However, Steinberg’s comments pertaining to Mahomes could slightly change their perception.

Of course, Mahomes has proven he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. In his first two seasons as a starter, Mahomes has combined for 9,128 yards, 76 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions.

Aside from his gaudy numbers, Mahomes has displayed exemplary leadership in the Chiefs’ locker room. But as Steinberg alluded to, “Quarterback greatness is judged by Super Bowls.”

Mahomes, who is coming off of his first Super Bowl victory, definitely raised his value this season. At the same time, Steinberg realizes that it is important to make sure that Mahomes’ extension doesn’t negatively affect Kansas City’s roster.

Over the years, we’ve seen teams give out lucrative extensions to their franchise quarterbacks. As a result, the rest of the roster suffers as those organizations have fewer resources to better the team.

With the current quarterback market, Mahomes could easily net $40-45 million a year if he desired to. There’s no doubt that he deserves every penny that he receives in his next contract. On the other hand, Mahomes’ agent wants to take a calculated approach before accepting an extension.