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Ryan Clark claims Tyreek Hill was ‘lying’ about Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Dolphins WR fires back

Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs, Dolphins, Ryan Clark

Tyreek Hill made headlines recently when he seemed to criticize Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in favor of Miami Dolphins signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa. Of course the veteran wideout received plenty of criticisms, with the latest one coming from former Pittsburgh Steelers star Ryan Clark.

After hearing Hill’s comments basically saying he prefers Tagovailoa over Mahomes, Clark took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter. For the ex-Pro Bowler, Hill was “lying” and was just simply hyping up his new QB and giving him some much-needed confidence.

“Bruh!! [Tyreek Hill] know he out here lying on his podcast. I feel him though. Everyone is talking about the podcast and I’m sure Tua feels good about it… but he doesn’t mean any of that stuff he said about KC or Pat,” Hill said.

The new Dolphins wide receiver made sure to respond to Clark, though, seemingly downplaying his take.

For what it’s worth, Ryan Clark did make a sound argument on Tyreek Hill’s take. After all, comparing a proven QB in the Chiefs superstar to another like Tua who is just starting and hasn’t proven anything yet is just bizarre and ridiculous.

That doesn’t mean Tagovailoa cannot be better. He definitely has the talent, and he clearly has shown it to Hill. However, to silence all the critics, the two of them need to let their game do the talking instead.

As for Mahomes, while the Chiefs QB was surprised by the comments from his ex-teammate, he saw it as just Hill’s way to promote his podcast and nothing more.