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Travis Kelce says Chiefs are ‘taking it up a level’ this season

Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs offense was explosive in 2018. They were so good that most expect them to take a step-back — scoring 565 points is tough to replicate in back-to-back seasons. But, don’t tell that to tight end Travis Kelce. He thinks the offense will go to another level in 2019.

Via ESPN’s Adam Teicher, Kelce recently said on the expectations heading into 2019:

“We’re taking it up a level [from] years past. You can just tell from the coaches’ excitement to their attention to detail to how guys are reacting to their coaching. This team is going to be awesome. We’re going to have a lot of fun on the offensive side of the ball.”

How are they going to do that? It starts with Patrick Mahomes’ right arm that tossed for 50 touchdowns in 2018. Kelce explained recently that the team is going to pass, then pass, and probably pass some more.

“I think we are going to pass the ball this year,” Kelce said via Fox 4’s Harold Kuntz. “We are going to pass it a lot. Even when you think we are running it, we are probably going to pass. And then, when you think we are going to pass, we are definitely passing. I’m excited to catch as many pass from this guy [quarterback Patrick Mahomes] as I can. Big Red [head coach Andy Reid] dial me up baby!”

Bold strategy, Kelce. But, if it works, it works.

It certainly did in 2018 as the Chiefs went to the AFC Championship and took the Super Bowl-winning squad, the New England Patriots, to overtime.