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Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu slams NASCAR driver for mocking his pet car safety video

tyrann mathieu

Tyrann Mathieu does not seem like somebody that anyone should mess with under any circumstances. After all, his nickname is the “Honey Badger” for him playing tough football and making plays. The Kansas City Chiefs got a real one that’s for sure.

Mathieu had a video posted that was bringing awareness to leaving pets in a hot car for too long. Nascar driver, Brad Keselowski seemed to take a shot at Mathieu for only staying in the car for eight minutes—only for Mathieu to fire right back at Keselowski.

Then Mathieu responded with a Tweet of his own that read:

“You clearly missed the point of the video. But assuming you drive cars at top speed you must think you can f*** with me….. so what’s up?.”

It’s unknown what the intentions were of Keselowski tweeting “eight minutes” were but Mathieu wasn’t having any of it. Besides, Mathieu did the video to bring light to a situation that happens all too often with people leaving their pets in the car.

We’ll leave the “are Nascar drivers athletes?” arguments to everybody else. What can’t be argued is Mathieu’s tenacity and willingness to go to war with anyone. Even it is from a diss directed his way on Twitter.

Nonetheless, Mathieu had a phenomenal offseason where he was able to land a three-year, $42 million deal with the Chiefs. Mathieu spent one season with the Houston Texans in 2018 after playing his first five seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

In 2019, the Pro-Bowl safety is ready to bring his talents to help Kansas City make a run at the Super Bowl. Although, along the way, he is ready to fire back if you have anything negative to say on Twitter.