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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes stars in Head and Shoulders commercial with Troy Polamalu

Patrick Mahomes, Troy Polamalu, Chiefs, Steelers

The quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs and a decorated member of the Pittsburgh Steelers had some fun.

Remember those old Troy Polamalu Head and Shoulders commercials? You know, the ones where Polamalu would show off his locks? Then a teammate was asking if he’d been using his shampoo to gain thicker hair, then declines the allegations while his hair gets poofier and finally leading to admission.

Well, Polamalu is back doing a Head and Shoulders commercial with a familiar face; 2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs.

The company debuted its newest commercial between the two, with Mahomes saying:

“Using Heads and Shoulders every day, it’s like great offense for my hair.”

Polamalu didn’t take kindly to that. The Hall of Fame-bound former Steeler walked in saying:

“No, no, no. It’s great defense against flakes.”

Then, the two proceed to argue.

“Offense,” said Mahomes.

“Defense,” said Polamalu.

“Offense,” as Mahomes points to his head.

“Defense,” as Polamalu shows off his locks.

Mahomes stares at Polamalu in defeat, knowing nobody can beat his iconic hair. So, he decides to switch the conversation; where the two can’t get along. Boxers, briefs. Yin, yang. Gif, Gif (Jif). Shaken, stirred. Schlemiel, schlimazel. Touchdown, turnover. MVP, Super Bowl champ (twice as Polamalu gestures).

Polamalu settles the argument with his two-time Super Bowl champion statement. To the point where Mahomes can only look at the former superstar as his hair blows in the wind in slow motion. Then, of course, the Chief of the Chiefs has to pull out a portable fan to also show off his — not as luxurious — locks.

In the end, their slogan goes: “Offense for great hair, defense against flakes.” Bravo Polamalu and Mahomes, bravo.