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Video: Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes throws ball out of Arrowhead Stadium

patrick mahomes

Earlier this week, Odell Beckham Jr. made social media blowup when he threw a pass that traveled over an entire football field. The Cleveland Browns receiver challenged both Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes—with Mahomes responding.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was having some fun and decided to throw the football over Arrowhead Stadium. Mahomes’ arm strength is ridiculous and he shows he can make throwing a football out of a stadium look easy.

The video was taken from a local news team who was flying a helicopter over Arrowhead Stadium. This was likely planned as the Chiefs star quarterback threw the ball over the Chiefs sign at the stadium. According to Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports, the field level of Arrowhead is below ground.

So all in all, Mahomes threw a football from below ground and almost completely out of the stadium. The football didn’t travel out into the parking lot but the throw is very impressive nevertheless.

Last year, we saw plenty of jaw-dropping throws from Mahomes but this may take the cake. From side-arm throws to deep bombs downfield, Mahomes took the league by storm with just his arm.

In Mahomes second season last year, the Chiefs signal-caller threw for 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns. Those numbers were able to land Mahomes his first MVP trophy of likely many to come.

Again, this video was likely a response to Beckham Jr.’s challenge on Twitter towards Mahomes and Rodgers. I think Beckham Jr. may want to reconsider his challenge after watching Mahomes’ latest video.