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Chris Bosh gives first interview since season-ending health problems

Chris Bosh

Miami Heat center Chris Bosh gave his first interview since his season-ending blood clot health issue that has raised questions whether the 13-year veteran will see the court ever again. On “Any Give Wednesday” with host Bill Simmons, Bosh appeared with actor Anthony Anderson to discuss Durant‘s free agent relocation to the Warriors and how the Heat built their super team now six years ago with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Unfortunately, Bosh didn’t comment on his injury during his interview, but the last remaining member of the Heat’s 2010 “Big 3” instead defended the 2013-14 NBA MVP’s decision to leave the Thunder franchise for their rival Golden State. Bosh went on to talk about Warriors’ season on the road to a historic 73-9 record, and how Steve Kerr’s roster was able to pull a 3-1 comeback in the Western Conference Finals, ultimately pushing Durant out the door.

More interesting, however, was Bosh’s insight into the relationships between the Miami Heat’s “Big 3,” involving LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Bosh for four years in South Beach. Bosh compared Durant’s arrival to what is perceived as Steph Curry’s franchise, and how LeBron’s arrival meant that both Wade and James had to understand that James led the franchise now.

“Before LeBron came to Miami, it was Wade’s team.” Anderson started asking Bosh during the three-person conversation, “Did it become LeBron’s team?”

“It did. That’s a conversation that those two guys had to have. It just doesn’t happen. The coach, the GM, the president, the owner can’t come together and say, ‘This is his team now.'” Bosh replied, showing that both LeBron and Wade had a conversation deciding both leadership and roles in Miami’s two-championship run.

Bosh’s comments not only provide insight into the interpersonal relationships happening in championship teams with multiple stars but also shows the difficulty adjusting to these stacked teams. For LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, their first championship only came after disappointing their fan base in a championship loss to the Dallas Mavericks during their first season.

Whether Durant, Curry, power forward Draymond Green, and Splash Bro. Klay Thompson become a smoothly oiled machine early in the season has heavily interested both analysts and fans around the league. Every single one of the players will have to commit to sacrificing a couple shots per game in order to spread the offense, which will definitely take some getting used to for the free-range Splash Bros. In addition, some nights Durant will have to understand he might take 12 shots in a game as opposed to his 20 with the isolated Thunder.

Regardless, Bosh’s interview allowed the audience a slight glimpse of the adjusting process for NBA superstar free agents that decide to relocate or join a completely different roster. If the shooting 7-footer can make it back to the court for the Heat this upcoming season, where he is owed over $23-million, then he will have to adjust to a seemingly star-less roster, without 6-year teammate Dwyane Wade. With the NBA undergoing a major roster shakeup this past week, Bosh will be an interesting story to monitor throughout this offseason, with both health concerns and age increasingly limiting his career.

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