Chris Weidman has a great legacy as a former UFC middleweight champion and the man to dethrone the arguable GOAT, Anderson Silva. He knows a thing or two about legacy's and he didn't hold back when speaking about Tyron Woodley's.

Tyron Woodley was once in the conversation for the greatest UFC welterweight of all time after his win over Darren Till. The talk was premature as he hadn't quite caught up to Georges St-Pierre in title defenses.

After losing to Jake Paul by knockout, it appears all of that talk is gone, it didn't help that his UFC career didn't have a very good ending. Chris Weidman got brutally honest as he discussed the legacy of Tyron Woodley.

“Damn, Tyron Woodley is going to have to live with that,” he said on his “Won’t Back Down” podcast. “They’re just comparing him to Ben Askren now. He’s not going to get another chance – like, that’s it. I don’t know who he’s going to fight that would give him the draw and excitement that he would need to elevate him back to where he would feel like people gather behind him and think he’s legit again. I think his legacy has definitely been tarnished, which sucks to say.”

The UFC welterweight had been on a slippery slope after losing to Kamaru Usman back in 2019, his legacy was always going to be complicated after that. Now losing by vicious knockout to a YouTuber is certainly not going to make things any better for him.