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Clippers’ Boban Marjanovic reacts to his top spot in PER ranking

Boban Marjanovic, Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers fan favorite Boban Marjanovic is one of the most entertaining players in the league. Whether it be dunking with his feet touching the ground or sharing hilarious statistics, Boban is always making fans gasp and laugh. He did both of these when he shared an interesting statistic on Twitter Monday night

While its impossible that Marjanovic is actually better than any of those players in the list above, PER is calculated in a way that allows the Clipper center to astoundingly come out on top over some of these all-time greats.

It’s obvious that the 7’3 Serbian is just messing around by throwing out this stat. As usual, he’s just having some fun with his fans.

On the court, Marjanovic is putting together a solid season for the Clippers. In 22 games, he is averaging eight points, five rebounds, and 0.7 blocks on an extremely efficient 63 percent shooting from the floor.

He helps make up a Clippers bench that is already extremely deep. Guard Lou Williams and forward Montrezl Harrel both have legitimate shots at winning Sixth Man of the Year, and they frequently outscore other teams starting groups.

The Clips are currently in a bit of a funk, losers of three straight, Even after this, they remain the fifth seed in the West, and they will look to fend off teams like Houston, San Antonio, and Utah to surprise the league and earn a playoff berth.