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Clippers’ Danilo Gallinari leaves game vs. Heat with hip injury

Danilo Gallinari

The LA Clippers had a great start to their season be followed up with a number of disappointing efforts that’s resulted in the 5-4 record they have right now. To make matters worse, forward Danilo Gallinari, who has been struggling with his shot to start the season, left the Clippers’ latest game against the Miami Heat with a left hip injury and did not return.

After the game, Gallinari spoke with members of the media divulging the severity of his injury.

“[It happened] maybe a week ago, but I played on it and aggravated it a bit tonight,” revealed Gallinari. “Hopefully it will get better. I can barely walk. I’ve been having pain the past two or three games and now it’s getting to a point where I’m having problems walking, so I’ve got to take care of it.

“I’ll be on the trip and try to play next game.”

Gallinari finished the game with just six points, one rebound, and one assists in 13 minutes of action before being ruled out for the remainder of the game at halftime.

For what it’s worth, I privately asked Gallinari about a hard fall he took in Saturday afternoon’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, and he said the area got a bit worse going into the game against the Heat.

“Yeah,” responded Gallinari after the game when asked if his hard fall against the Grizzlies after his hip injury. “It happened more than a week ago, the actual injury, but then I keep falling on it so it doesn’t get better. I fell down three times in the first quarter and then I came out. I went back into the game because I was walking so i made it through the second quarter, but couldn’t play the rest of the game.”

Gallinari is currently shooting just 35.5 percent from the field, 26 percent from beyond the three-point arc, and is taking two less free throws per game this season. While many would attribute his struggles to the injury, Gallinari was quick to shut down that thought, instead saying that his shooting is strictly on him.

“No, I don’t think [my shooting has been affected]. I like to find solutions, not excuses. Not shooting the ball well is on me.”

Gallinari’s first chance to return will be against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night, but it seems likely that the Clippers will take their time and bring him back from this injury slowly.