Clippers news: Doc Rivers reveals best way for LAC to honor Kobe Bryant
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Doc Rivers claims best way for Clippers to honor Kobe Bryant is by winning title

Doc Rivers, Clippers, Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers believes his team can pay tribute to Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant by winning the 2020 Finals.

Bryant’s only connection with the Clippers was when he considered signing with the team in 2004, but he also had a close relationship with Rivers, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lou Williams:

“The best way if you want to honor Kobe, and we talked about this even on Sunday, is to go win,” Rivers said, via ESPN. “Not just win tonight, but win it. So that’s our journey. It was already our journey, and then this happens, and I think our guys understand if you really want to salute him, he made a lot of sacrifices to be a winner, Kobe did. … And so for us to win, we’re going to have to do the same thing, otherwise we will not win. So I think that’s our journey now, as well.”

Rivers and the Clippers are 33-15 on the season, good for third place in the Western Conference standings. They are coming off a bad loss to the Sacramento Kings at home on Thursday, a game Leonard missed after his back got tight pregame.

It’s not a stretch to say Leonard and George are going to dedicate the rest of this season to Bryant. Even though Kawhi and PG are playing for the Clippers and not the Lakers, they are still California kids at heart who want to play the right way and honor Bryant.