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Ivica Zubac calls fake news on the Patrick Beverley outburst at Michele Roberts report


Los Angeles Clippers center Ivica Zubac looked stunned after reports of an irate Patrick Beverley flooded headlines on Friday morning. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Beverley was insolent toward NBA Players Association director Michele Roberts, cutting her off during her presentation and refusing to quiet down and telling her “No, I pay your salary.”

Zubac was puzzled as to where the information came from, noting Beverley never said this:

Haynes’ original story states how Roberts was explaining the potential financial ramifications of abandoning the resumption of the season, noting players could lose some hefty money for doing so. She was swiftly interrupted by Beverley and then she kindly reiterated that these were potential losses players would suffer, only to be interrupted by the Clippers veteran again.

Asking to continue her presentation after being given the floor, Roberts asked if she could continue, only for Beverley to say:

“No, I pay your salary.”

Chris Paul and Udonis Haslem were among the few players who were quick to check Beverley and tell him “disrespect would not be tolerated” in the meeting.

Zubac questioning this has to be taken with a grain of salt. He is Beverley’s teammate and one who would go up to bat for the defensive enforcer in hopes to protect his image.

Haynes’ reporting is otherwise unquestioned, as he provided vivid details of what went on behind closed doors during that long Wednesday meeting. The parties reportedly met again on Thursday to eke out a resolution after a couple of days of protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake.