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Clippers star Kawhi Leonard’s dilly-dallying in free agency gets blasted by former Lakers champ

Clippers, Kawhi Leonard

It’s been a pretty eventful past few days in free agency for the NBA. Interestingly, however, Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard still has yet to make his decision on his future with LA. This has kept the entire Clippers fanbase on edge — something that does not sit well with former Los Angeles Lakers champ Robert Horry.

Horry has sounded off on Leonard’s indecision as the seven-time NBA champion blasted Kawhi for allegedly taking advantage of the Clippers:

“As a Clipper fan, I would be mad at Kawhi,” Horry said, via NBA on ESPN on Twitter. “… With him sitting back, waiting and trying to see what other guys are getting and see what he wants to do is not fair to the organization.”

The man has a point. With how he’s decided to wait out free agency, Kawhi Leonard now has enough leverage to perhaps negotiate a better deal with the Clippers — or maybe even with another team. Let’s not forget that Leonard also took his time before committing to the Clippers as a free agent a couple of years back, so this has become a bit commonplace for the two-time Finals MVP. Maybe he’s just the type who thinks really, really hard about his future?

Whatever the case may be, what you cannot deny is that the Clippers organization and its fanbase are all at the edge of their seats as they wait for Leonard’s decision. The general sentiment is that he’s going to re-sign with LA, but what happens to the Clippers if he decides not to?