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Kawhi Leonard gets completely roasted on Twitter for watching Clippers’ Game 3 from suite

Kawhi Leonard Paul George Clippers suite

Kawhi Leonard has, and always will be, an enigma in the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers superstar is the hardest man to read in the entire league, and his Game 3 experience felt extremely on-brand.

As the Clippers took on the Phoenix Suns in a virtual do-or-die contest, Kawhi Leonard was seen enjoying the action from the comfort of a corporate suite.

Kawhi Leonard’s suite experience drew a healthy mix of reactions from Twitter. There were admittedly some Clippers fans that were just loving the fact, clearly amused by The Klaw’s usual eccentricities.

But not everyone was vibing with the Clippers star sitting away from the sidelines. A good number of Twitter users flamed Kawhi for watching the action away from his team:

Even NBA star Terrence Ross had something to say about the Kawhi suite fiasco. The Orlando Magic swingman was just as perplexed as we all were.

Some fans just wanted to have some fun, posting various memes clowning Kawhi Leonard.

However, that just may be the kind of guy that Kawhi Leonard is. The Clippers star may have been away from the action due to injury, but he wasn’t completely disengaged from his team. ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reported that Leonard went down during halftime to give his team some pointers and just provide some moral support.

While fans can argue about whether or not Kawhi Leonard’s suite experience was an actual issue, what’s not up for debate is how badly the Clippers miss him on the basketball court. While LA pulled off the much-needed victory in Game 3, they’ll want all the help they can get to tie the series in Game 4.