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Clippers star Kawhi Leonard reveals why he idolized Allen Iverson growing up

Clippers, Kawhi Leonard, Allen Iverson

In terms of how they present themselves to the media, there’s no denying that Los Angeles Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard and Hall of Fame point guard Allen Iverson are two completely different individuals. Even their games don’t have too much in common.

However, in a recent interview, Leonard himself admitted that he was a huge fan of Iverson growing up. According to the Clippers small forward, he simply admired what Iverson brought to the table:

In typical Kawhi Leonard fashion, the two-time Finals MVP now with the Clippers kept his response brief. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Iverson had a significant impact on Leonard’s career as a basketball player:

“Just his gameplay,” Leonard said, via ClutchPoints’ Tomer Azarly. “How hard he played…He played both ends.

“Just seeing that team with the Sixers, bringing them to the finals and carrying them by himself. That just resonated with me. His will not to give up.”

Iverson had his fair share of naysayers during his playing days, and for the most part, the criticism was somewhat warranted. The Philadelphia 76ers legend didn’t exactly play the part of a role model for young kids watching the game.

Nonetheless, there’s no denying that AI was one of the most influential players this game has ever seen. He may have had his flaws, but the fact that he had such a big impact on the game of one of the best players in the NBA today—among others, I’m sure—speaks volumes of how Iverson changed the landscape of the NBA, along with Kawhi Leonard’s game, as we know it.